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Flash to SSD

When flashing HIVOS to an SSD (120GB) using baleneEtcher, part of the way through, the flash fails to complete.
Have tried using DISKPART - clean/partition
Flashing to a USB works ok (slow of course).
Appreciate any advice; as I have spent many hours wasting time.

Could be a faulty ssd,or corrupt image. Sounds like the ssd is the issue if you can flash a usb drive fine though.

I have 7 SSD’s with the same problem and have re-downloaded the HiveOS image several times.
The USB might suggest a faulty SSD but all 7 makes it confusing.
Tks for your response.

Try using another pc to flash, or dd if/of from the usb to ssd on a rig itself

I had the same error while flashing on USB drive and everything is running without problems, you can give a try a check if Hive runs ok

Thanks for the info
Yep you were right. Changed to another computer and it worked