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Flash card under Windows or Hive OS?

Sorry if the question already exists, but I would like to know if I have to bios my cards from my windows first before moving them on Hive OS?
Or the flash is possible under this OS?

Thank you :slight_smile:

I have 1 rig with 6xRX580 Powercolor Golden Samples and after installing 4 cards that had the VBIOS updated with ATIwinflash within Windows OS, I decided to try and do the remaining 2 under Hive OS. It was simple and flawless. Make sure you back up the VBIOS which can also be done under Hive OS and make sure you know whereabouts your new VBIOS rom is and I used the Web Browser to flash the VBIOS within Hive OS. My rig was offline for 20 seconds as opposed to the half hour running windows, Flashing them and then re-booting back into Hive OS.

Hope that helps you.

Thank you so much @Penfold for your answer, Iā€™m gonna try to flash them all directly on Hive OS then :slight_smile: