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First try booting and getting nothing but black screen

hi everyone, ive decided to switch from windows to hiveos. i followed every step on hive s website and did the bios settings and added my farm hash etc. but when i try to boot it everything goes black and no matter how long i wait nothing happens. I dont know what to do in this situation.
im using a usb and igpu, if anyone has got an idea to solve this problem id really appreciate it.

remove your cards , disable igpu and use your gpu for testing ,install only one gpu and run your rig without hiveoss usb. if your motherboard screen comes then everything is ok. next step, run your rig only with one gpu with hiveoss . it has to start mining . if it starts contiune second step one by one i mean plug next card , test it then move on for second. Thx!

How to run the rig? As you said

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