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First timer try 2 ask new ?s

Ok lets start off your talking to Homer Simpson. When i found tying y was the same as yes i was happy i increesed productivity 33%. Ok so i put together a b250 mining expert. Theres 6 gtx960s and 1 radeon hd6450? Because the board had one slot with no room and was small and 8 bucks. Ok yesterday on first boot needed tech the 960s i cant easy (cut frame) get to hdmi so he said use motherboard hdmi slot. I was, didnt know use card. Ok lets start lol. Should i get adapter to plug tv in card ? Do i need to flash a new hive os everytime. Im running parrot off a live usb then use dd to flash the ssd everytime. I dont think cards conected everywere shows them but all red X boxs in flightsheet.

You don’t need a monitor once HiveOS recognizes your worker.

You don’t need to flash your usb every time.

Please take some detailed pictures of how your rig looks.