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First Timer Miner - 5700 XT Questions

Greetings … so I’m brand new to mining, just dabbling really to see what it’s all about. I have a spare 5700 XT, so thought I’d toss that in an old rig and get rolling.

My questions are regarding hash rate and power consumption. I’m not able to crack more than 51 Mh/s, and that’s generally around 140 watts.

As usual with me, I rush in and do things before I know what I’m doing. Having said that, I did the VBIOS flash from within HiveOS (without backing up what I had originally … I know, I’m slow) … and I applied the top preset/example OC values.

I have not encountered any errors or issues getting things running … it’s really been fairly painless. From reading the forums, I saw a few folks mentioned the Micron memory is hungry … and I’m guessing that is partially related to my high power usage. But I also some discussion about underclocking voltage (which makes even me nervous) … so I wanted to ask. I notice the presets do not provide voltage values … so guessing I would need to research and determine what valid values actually are. Is this correct?

I set the fan to 100 myself, just as test to see if it would work … and it does. I did that just before the screenshot, so you can ignore that.

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