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First rig - 3090 + 3060

There’s no 3060 ti left in my rig now, all 3090. Sparkpool seems to be generating more revenue than Hiveon pool.

One more 3070 added to the rig and a bit more tweaking, squeezing 1.180 GH now.

Building a bigger rig, 120cm long, hopefully more space between the GPUs, therefore better cooling. Also looking into 3D printed brackets that can sit the cards at 40-45 degrees angle like this setup:

Today I started building another frame, 120cm wide, so I can seat 10-12 GPUs, but at 45degree. The current 8 GPU frame is 86cm wide.

Some pics below, hopefully I can finish it next week so I can transfer everything over from the old rig.



Appreciate the information you have put in this thread.
It has inspired me and I am about to start my first rig with 4 x 3090s, 2 x 3080s and 2 x 1080s.
Over time I will like to go all 3090s but I will see how I go with the above for a few months.

I have a question about the thermal pads you are using.

I noticed you have Thermal Grizzly ones and Odyssey. How do you use them? Grizzly on the back ram and Odyssey on front ram?
I want to do the same but I will like to understand how and why you use the 2 brands before I go out and buy anything.

Glad it helps! :grin:

I used what I could buy at the time, in different sizes required. Use the Thermalright Extreme Odyssey ones if you can get them, they’re the best.

Thanks for the reply.

Did you use one pack for one video card (front & back memory?). Or I will need more than one pack per card?

Edit: - I have seen ppl on the net recommending 2mm pads. I see that you have 1.5mm and 0.5mm. How did you use them?

Depends on the GPU, I combined 1.5 + 0.5 where I needed 2mm and I didn’t have stock.


Is one pack enough for 1 video card (front and back)? Or did you have to use more than one pack?

1 pack is not enough, you’ll need different sizes in different areas.

If I am looking just to do the memory (front and back) and not worry abut the mosfets how many packs (I will try and get 2mm) you recommend I should buy per card?

Again appreciate your assistance :smile:

Again, I can’t tell you how much as you’d need to measure depending on each GPU you have. I’d do everything since it’s already open and also the CPU paste.

Ahhh OK got you :slight_smile:

I will take your advice and do all. Now to get some measurements…
Thanks again.

3D printed 45deg GPU brackets ready, should be able to start building the new rig tomorrow, transferring everything from the old smaller rig.

Hi Octet,

Your thread is super super amazing! Thanks very much for sharing. I’d love to know the parts list for your rig frame and the machine you are using to cut/drill. Even better, a youtube tutorial video, perhaps?

Great work once again, and those 3090s are just Etherium gold!

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I have a friend that he needs to update thermals for 4 3090 FEs. Do you still remember what thickness pads we need for 3090 FE card?


Hope everything went well migrating to your new rig

Yes, migrated to the new rig, but have to redo the 45 deg brackets, they don’t work well with the FE GPUs. Running a lot cooler now as there’s more space between them.


Looks good!

Managed to get another 3090 yesterday, will be adding that to the rig on Monday and do a bit more cable management as it is all over the place now.

Hopefully the new brackets will be done next week too so I can finalise it and probably start building the smaller rig with new GPUs :grin:

Looks like your rig is growing :slight_smile:
I am still waiting to parts to arrive - this coming week hopefully I get them all so I can start building things and changing thermal pads.

I have noticed in some of your earlier pictures that you are powering your PCIE risers with SATA - everything I have red so far says not to do this. There are horror stories about cable being burned out etc
Not sure if you are still using SATA to power PCIE risers but if you are you might want to reconsider and use 6 pin cables as it seems safer this way.