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First Boot Stuck not Connecting to Internet - Solution

OK so I wanted to share my troubles and solution with you guys. Orginal this was going to be a qestion for help but managed to fix it. Here is how and what I did ." Im still having issues on my first boot and cant connect the Ethernet. First I tried WIFI and set the network Name and password in the network folder. no connection. Then I tried to share my internet connection with my laptop via ethernet cable. no connection. Then i tried to connect to my Antrouter R1-LTC. no connection. Next I purchased a TP-Link WIFI extender with an ethernet connection. still wont connect. tested on windows works . Bought a new CAT 7 gold plated ethernet cable still no connection. Next I tried a different USB Device and set up a worker and downloaded the config file. When the flashing was complete I transferred the file onto the USB. First boot and it connected" So if anyone else getting screens like this , try something different . hope this helps