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First boot and cursor hangs


I have a few rigs running HiveOS, I am currently trying to setup another rig. I used etcher to write directly to a SSD, the SSD is good as I tried it in another rig and it worked fine. However, in the rig I am trying to setup it simply goes to a solid cursor (under score _ ). I lose keyboard as well. If I try to boot into safe mode I get an error that echo command is not found. I am using a gigabyte GA-78LMT MB and have nothing attached to it other than a PS2 keyboard and VGA cable.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

trying checking your bios to make sure it is not set to UEFI boot. I have to go in on one of my rigs and select the drop down and change it from the USB UEFI to USB Legacy. If it is trying to boot into UEFI my system just goes to a flashing underscore forever. If I clear CMOS I have to remember to change it again. Hope this helps.