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Сustom integration is no longer supported.
Since HIveOS 0.6-04 this miner have been added to HiveOS mainline.
All new versions of the miner will be released with HiveOS updates.

If you have troubles with update look through
Falling selfupgrade topic

Miner use Nanopool as default pool, so you can only one wallet to start mining. All the other params is optional!

I’ll be very grateful for your feedback!


Finminer v2.3.0 update pls.

Added CryptoNight v6, v7, v8 support on both Nvidia and AMD.
Fastest CryptoNight v8 on Nvidia.
New optimized kernels for Ethash on AMD, especially on AMD RX 550 (Baffin).
Switched to CUDA 9.0. Need Nvidia driver >= 384.81 on Linux and >= 385.54 on Windows.
Config file can be provided as a command line option. This is useful in case of mining several coins.


Could you please, at least, place the new distributive to
We already have version 2.4 (with PASC (on Random Hash) and tons of others improvements).


Ubiq Coin hard fork… New algo ubqhash add pls?

Sure :smiley:

How can we mine pasc it’s now cpu only and supported by finminer but there’s no random hash algo in drop down thank you

How do I use Finminer only for CPU? it provides cpuThreads parameter. There is no way to enable / disable GPUs and CPUs

Randomhash, will be added soon. Now you can override algorithm in “Extra config arguments” field:
algorithm = randomhash

“Extra config arguments” field:
cputhreads = x
where x is the number of threads you want to use

Thanks, I realised that. Can I get finminer to use only CPU thread, without using the GPUs.

FinMiner does not use GPUs when you mine PASC

What about cryptonight?

Everything is fine with CryptoNight, we support in on AMD and Nvidia

And CPU too? Can it be mined with FinMiner on CPU only?

No, you can use CryptoNight (or Ethash) on GPUs and RandomHash on CPU
By the way, you have wrong ports indicated for PASC on nanopool in your pool list.

Thanks. I’ll check it.
By the way you can contribute to our git too. Pool templates are here, and integrations of FinMiner are here.

Thought I would give FinMiner a try… noticed an increase in stale shares immediately. Opened a ticket on github –

I switched from Claymore to PhoenixMiner when they came out with a Linux version. PhoenixMiner had the same issue (stale shares) because the miner didn’t recognize/was not tuned for the OpenCL driver version installed…

@nanominer, if you get this fixed, I intend on doing a side-by-side comparison with PhoenixMiner like I did with Claymore…

Hi, @salvo2002 thanks for this results.
I appreciate it very much.
We will check it and try to figure out the reason.

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