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Fine tuned overclock, undervolt and power draw on your rigs, other support issues

My name is: Fex :wink:

I provide the following services:

  • Fine tuned overclock and power optimization up to the last watt for NVIDIA cards mining ETH - get the highest possible hashrate while drawing as low as possible and keeping your temperatures/fans low.
  • Fine tuned overclock and undervolt for AMD cards. This is VERY algo dependent and can crash on other algorithms. Get as low temperatures and power draw as possible without losing (significant) hashrate.
  • Fine tuning on Windows rigs.
  • Other support tasks like wallet setup, troubleshooting, bios mods, etc.

Note that the tweaking might take few days or weeks because it is based on trial and error. Rigs often crash while running the optimization but very rarely they don’t boot back into Hive and you’ll have to reboot them manually or use a hardware watchdog. Sorry, that’s out of my hands.
AMD cards are on two passes. First we’ll do the memory overclock, let it run for a couple of days, and then lower the voltage.

I’m from:
Eastern Europe

I speak:

I’m working:

  • Online - during the evenings
  • Offline - if you are serious, we schedule a visit at your expenses.

Information about me:
You might know me from the English Hive chat. I’ve been mining since 2012, got plenty of experience on my and my friends’ rigs assembling stuff, doing OS tweaks and fine tuning the overclock and power draw. With the current gen GPUs and with Hive, I’ve tweaked roughly 20-30 different rigs, all running stable and hashing happily.
My fee for tuning is $5 per card, discount on more rigs. Other services are negotiable. Accepting crypto as payment at current rates.

Please contact me on