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Finally, i have Fixed my 3060 Ti invalid shares

GPU: Gigabyte 3060 Ti Gaming OC Pro
Hive OS: [email protected]
Nvidia Driver: 495.44

Every Hours it’s getting one invalid shares, sometimes getting more invalid shares on last few days.
i had update the driver, change the miners, trying without OC, trying multiple OC settings, change the multiple coins and additionally add the extra fans, but this problem is not fixed.

Then, two days before i fixed this issue by below steps:-

  1. Stop the miner
  2. Enable the maintenance mode ( without loading driver)
  3. downgrade the driver 495.44 to 460.91.03

Now, working fine without invalid shares, but it’s hashrate reduced 46 to 43.
then, next day i upgrade the driver 460.91.03 to 495.44, now it’s hashrate 46MH and without invalid shares. :sunglasses:


yow oc settings are important too


How long mining without invalid shares after upgrade the driver to 495.44?

until now, i m not getting any invalid shares.

Do you have invalid shares?

This invalid shares being happen by VRAM faulty only, such as unwanted OC settings, faulty Risher, VRAM overheat, etc.
when you change or reinstalling the driver, this invalid shares will not coming.


So that’s what happened to 495.44… I think I’m down 6 or 7 MH on a 3080ti because it’s not available… Only 470.86

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