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Finally ETC becomes more profitable than ETH

Will miners switch to ETC?

That’s not what I’m getting when I calculate with whattomine. Ethereum is still the most profitable in my case (1x 6700XT and 2x 6800).

Still ethereum for me also. How are you setting your “difficulty for revenue” setting in whattomine ? If you set as current difficulty you may see a different result. etc has just had a 2x bounce in value from its recent low which has moved it back into the top 3 atleast. Be interesting what happens in july when eth introduce EIP1559 and burn the miners gas fees :frowning: Also the developers are now talking about introducing the difficulty bomb at the same time so eth in its current form will become unmineable in the future anyways. Lets not forget Proof of stake is rumoured for end of year anyway which would see the end of ETH mining entirely. So defo be interesting where all the network hash goes to after no more ETH. Everyone says about RVN but they haven’t got enough market cap to take the hash rate and everyone jumping on that tiny network would dilute profits for miners completely. RVN has less than 1% of the market cap to the likes of ETH :frowning: Dark days coming

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