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Fifth GPU is making my system crash - Any ideas?

Hello everyone, how are you ? I’m having an issue here while adding my fifth GPU to the system.

Motherboard: AB350 Gaming 3
CPU: Athlon 3000
PSU: 3 Gigabyte 650 P650B 650W (1 for the system and 1 GPU, and then 2 GPU per PSU).
GPUs: 5 MSI MECH RX 5700

I tried everything, every card via riser, 2 cards to the motherboard and 3 with risers. Tried every riser with every card separately to check the risers and GPUs, everything is working fine.

The issue comes when I add the fifth GPU to the system. A colleague of mine is using the same setup and has the 5 GPUs with risers.

Can it be that the PSUs are short for this 5 GPU ? I’ve seen in run like this tho. Tried setting all in stock, with little oc and nothing, always crash.

Quick reply, I activated Above 4G Decoding and left PCIe config in auto, and it seems it is working and stable for now. Don’t want to jinx it, but it seems it was that config in the bios.

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