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Feature request

Good day,

Firstly thank you do the devs of HiveOS. You really have a great product going here and i love it and suggest it to almost everyone i know that mines :slight_smile:

in the months that ive been using this ive had a few times where i wish the tool had some additional functionality. Simple stuff, just to make life a bit easier. Might not always be relevant to everyone

Just some thoughts, maybe you can add to this and if good enough the devs can add it to the tool :slight_smile:

  1. Options for additional miners running, eg a being able to launch a 3rd maybe even a 4th mining app on the system.
  2. Being able to restart mining apps individually. When restarting a mining app on a device running two miners it will restart both from the web interface

If there is a thread like this already, please remove this one and ill post this there