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Feature request : power (supply) management

Hi @ll,

As some, I have a RIG powered by 2 psus initially as the bigger psu does not came with 24pin, so I had to use a 850w psu to the B250C motherboard and a 3200w psu for the 12x risers+gpu .

During an emergency when the 3200w went down, i had to replace by 850+1200w psus and work a lot on OC down the watts limits to fit in it.

So, the feature request is a way in the GUI to add data such as:

  • rig’s power consumption estimates ( mobo, cpu, coolers, vents, ram and disk)
  • psu label/vendor/max watts/max amps/voltage

On each GPU say if uses a riser or is direct attached and associante it to each psu.

I understand that would give a overwall power view of the mining process besides only count commited wattage consumption by each gpu.

That would also gather valuable data from how the community are using power in their rigs.

Thanks all!