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Fatal1ty B450 Gaming K4 won't mine and crashing constantly with 580 570 470 1060 6gb

i just bought the motherboard and a r5 3600 cpu that is on the title because it had 6 PCIe slots. The cards that i currently want to mine on are: 2x RX580 4gb 1x RX570 and a 470 4gb that i want to mine ravencoin on those 4 and a 1060 6gb that i want to mine etherium on. Now i first tried to mine only ravencoin on all GPUs but unfortunately, the 1060 was getting 0 hash/s and the system was crashing constantly then i tried to only mine etherium but I was getting 0mh/s from the cards when they were plugged in all together then i tried the cards individually and the best that i got was 0.7mh/s from one of the 580s note that if you plug the 580 on the 16x slot on another rig i am getting 20mh/s which seems odd. Then i tried two 580s at the time and it was running for 4 minites tops and then it either rebooted or shut down altogether. i am really frustrated and i don’t know what else to do.Only when i was placing the 1060 by its shelf on eth was running fine. Also when i had more than one cards and one on the first 16x it won’t boot at all. Any help will be apreasiated.

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