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Farms Wallets invalid_address (Lost Payout?)

From the top of my eth miner page

“Ethereum mining pool
Miner Statistics e3f9ff458ost4o85tas43o8t5it7iw4ao7t7df7d (Not the exact real address)”

My Farms Wallets said invalid_address so I updated it, 10 hours ago, when my miners, still actively mining stopped increasing my $232 balance

The number at the top of my page is my MEW “address”:"e3f9ff0… which was the same as my invalid_address wallet

If I complete mining on this invalid_address will I be paid?

Can I continue mining on it and be paid by another way?

Is my $232 lost?

Your first wallet has the 232$… when u reach the threshold for payment (100%) then you can change to new wallet…

Okay I will set it back to the invalid_address wallet and continue to 0.1 ETH, then change to the Coinbase wallet for payment. Thank you for your advice.

Invalid address for pool or for coinbase? How u mine on invalid address ?

My Coinbase address, is the new wallet that does not say invalid, but once added does not increase my unpaid balance when i mined to it for 10 hours

U have mine in A wallet for 232$ correct?
Then u have change your wallet to B…
So The A wallet remains with 232$ until u reach 100% for Payment!!!

The B wallet until now is empty…

I dont understand what u mean by invalid address… (u have write into pool wrong address? for A wallet?)

I started mining, it required a wallet to complete the flight sheet, I entered my new MEWs wallet “address” e3f9ff4… and started mining on this identifier which appears at the top of the page… where i see my miner stats

At $232 unpaid balance i noticed the wallet
ADDRESS or BALANCE column said “invalid_address” so I switched at this point to my coinbase address 0x32Fcbe… which it accepted without error, but 10 horus later with miners running at full steam since, i noticed my balance has not increased at all.

I have returned to m ining the old address from MEW and my unpaid balance is now increasing again. I will continue to 0.1 ETH. Can you confirm one more thing? when I reach the limit will it hold my payout until i add the new address?

When u reach your 100% of payment begins the transaction through blockchain…(better see the transaction on blockchain in ethermine or hiveos or whatever u have )
then u add the new address…

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