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Farm Problem Hack?


I write you today because i have a big problem in one of my facility where there are around 60 Rigs.
Every day at around 3-4am all the rigs of that facility are disconected from Hive os and when the morning i arrive in this facility all the rigs seems to keep mining .
When im in that facility I can check all the rigs with the Shellinthebox and just start miner and claymore restart.
Anyone had this problem before?
Do you think that all the rigs in that facility can be hacked?

Thanks for the answers

look this…

I have 150 rigs
60 of those stop mining at 4am till i arrive to shutdown all the rigs and reboot them… i let u imagine the lost everyday
No one in hiveos team can help me
So i m switching back to simplemining…
Where did you see that they changed your wallet?

Read this: