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Farm electricity comsumption

Hi guys, looking for hints from experimented users here. I have few rigs at home since about a year. A friend want to start mining, and I may place some rigs at his place. (maybe 50/50 with him). Do you have a good way to track energy comsumption of rigs? Do you exports the stats and add few watts per rig? (anyone have a rule of thumb for amount to add to the view in the stats?) As for the stats, any way to have them if we only have 2 rigs at the beginning? (can we pay per rig even if we are below 3, to get the stats?)

Thank you!

you could use various items to track usage. a good low cost way is to purchase the watt meter and set up the per kw cost and then average it by the week. i also have an actual meter that hooks up on the main electric lines coming into the farm to track KW usage.

Thx for the hints. Already have tp-link hs110 to track usage, but looking for something we can easily get from the farm view in hive. I don’t want to average per week, because I watn to test algos on rig I’ll get over there, and energy usage won’t be the same over the month.