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Fanspeed at Autofan vs Console

Hi All,
I have turn on Hiveos autofan and disable my phoenixminer speed with -tt 1

What strange is that console autofan speed doesnt match with the Hiveos overview speed.
Which one is reliable? and how to let them show the same speed?

Try lowering minimum fan speed under 60% in AutoFan settings. They shoudl be the same… at least they are on my rigs :slight_smile:

so your autofan console fan speed is exact the same as the dashboard?

I don’t expect any better than this:

but the question is, why is there any difference between console and main overview?
which one is more reliable

Not sure, but I beleive that what you get at console is comming from 'gpu-stats? command line from linux, while what you see in autofan screen is what miner reads from tha GPU itself… question is - which one do you trust more :slight_smile: Anyhow, this should all be the same. I canpt explain the difference…

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