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Fan Speed Control

I am running a Depin worker on my Octominer. Most of the time the worker will be idle and it will only spin up when called upon. During those idle times I want the rig to pull as little power as possible. I’ve changed the Autofan and External Fan settings in Hiveos but 3 of the 8 gpu’s still have fan speeds of 30% while the other 5 have 0%. The external fans won’t go below 30% because I believe the external autofan setting matches the GPU fans. I realize the Octominer will still produce heat even when in idle so the fans will have to be on a little, but is there a way to get those GPU fans lower than 30% so I can get the external fans lower? If I go to the Autofan tab for the worker the global Min speed setting is set to 30% (can’t go lower than that for some reason) but the individual GPU fan speeds are all set to 5%.

Thanks for any help.

Varies gpu to gpu whether they can go to 0% or not, also autofan is meant to keep the fans running, not the other way around. Below 30% on some gpus isnt enough to spin the fan too.

You can try disabling autofan and setting the fan to 0%

May be best to put on a smart outlet and power off/on instead of sitting idle

Thanks for the response, I will give that a try.