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Fan question/problem

I have a rig with 8 GPU’s. 5 rx580 sapphire and 3 rx570 asus. Automatic fans with a smooth curve. The rx570 when the temperature increases, accelerates fan but when it lowers, it does not decelerate.

Any suggestion?

Wallet fan config.
-tt 1

My config in tuning options.

-fanmin 33,33,33,53,28,53,33,38
-tt 56,56,56,65,56,66,56,64
-tstop 78,78,78,78,78,78,78,78
-tstart 55,55,55,55,55,55,55,55

GPU’s 3, 5 and 7 are rx570 asus.


restart miner. Now work OK!