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Fan problem - dual minning 3090 ETH+TON

I am doing double mining (ETH+TON) and I have problems with the fans that are all in red (95/100%).
The problem started when updating the version of HiveOS. Until version 0.6-213@220403 I had no problems with the fans. That’s why I decided not to update versions. The problem is that yesterday it stopped mining and I was forced to update the version of HiveOs. I tried changing overclocking but I can’t get the fans to work less.
Any recommendation?
Thank you!

Are you using autofan? Your fans are probably at max because your memory is above the autofan threshold.

The fans doing their job isn’t a bad thing, you were probably running the memory even hotter before the update which will kill the cards faster.

Post some screenshots of your worker overview and autofan settings.

Thanks! Yes, I use autofan. Here the pictures:

Post a screenshot of your worker overview tab, showing the memory temps.

If you have autofan set to target 70c mem temp and your memory temps are above 70c, it will max the fan out. That’s what you have it set to do and it’s doing it.

Ok. Thanks again!

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