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Fan control by time

Hello mates. I would ask if is it posible to manage fan speed depend by time?
I have a rig at office, and its a bit loud with 80% + fan, it can run with lower speed at day, because temperatures are below 60’ C with ~50% fans.
But after people go out it can work louder, and decrase temps.
Is it posible to config fan speed depend by time? for example betwen 8:00 to 18:00 fan works with 50%, and from 18:01 to 7:59 it will be 80%. that diference fan spped make me about 10’C lower…
I didnt see if HiveOS have option like that, so maybe some script? any help / ideas?

You can set a schedule in the schedules tab and have it apply an overclocking profile with a static fan speed at a certain time, to a single or multiple workers in your farm

thanks for a tip, yes I found it and try to setup, but it dont work, i made a Schedules but they dont start at selected time.

any idea why they dont start?

Your start time for the event to be enabled may need to be earlier than the scheduled time.

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