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Fan And Temps Dissapiar

I just set up a new miner with 9 1660 supers EVGA (New ones in which Hynix flash doesn’t work) and after a bit of tweaking I got it to run on 32 mhs on 1100, 2700,90 but then today when checking it has some weird issue with the fan and temps cause now if it’s on the above mentioned OCs the temps and fan don’t show and changing the fan speed would not affect it either it still mines but the fans and temp are a real concern

could anyone help me figure this out

Reduce mem clock and reboot. Repeat until stable.

if I reduce mem it goes to 25 mhs
after tweaking for a bit if anyone else comes across this issue the answer I got was to give a bit more wattage till its stable but it will also depend on card

You should be using a locked core clock to control the power useage, but the driver crashing will be because of too aggressive memory clocks.

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