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Falla en el minado 3060ti

Hi everyone. I am having problems with my 3060ti cards not mining what they should. They were usually mining between 43 and 46mh but out of nowhere they started malfunctioning. I don’t know if it’s a configuration that I should modify, I was using t-rex and they recommended me to go to lolMiner but the problem persists. Someone could help me??

hola a todos. estoy teniendo problemas con mis tarjetas 3060ti que no estan minando lo que deberian minar. generalmente estaban minando entre 43 y 46mh pero de la nada comenzaron a funcionar mal. No se si es una configuracion que debo modificar, estaba usando t-rex y me recomendaron pasar a lolMiner pero el problema persiste. Alguien me podria ayudar??

First open the miner in the shell and see what its saying for those cards.

Reduce memory on any problem cards and reboot, repeat until stable.

If that doesn’t solve it eventually, troubleshoot risers/cables etc.

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