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Failure w/AMD 5700/6700/6800 when on AMD kernel driver v5.11.0701 (Only works on 0.6-203)

I’ve been having this issue for a while now with my various AMD rigs. The only stable hive linux client for my AMD rigs is 0.6-203. This is because the AMD kernel driver is v5.9.0325. 0.6-204 and onward use kernel driver v5.11.0701.

The issue is pretty simple, I would get read error messages on various cards. It’s not always the same card, once in a while it’ll mine for 1-2 minutes then exhibit the read error again. Happens to my 5700 rig, and also my new big navi 6700/6800 rig.

I’ve reflashed the HiveOS image many, many times to no avail.

It’s annoying since I will not be able to receive newer updates, and am forever stuck on 0.6-203.

Anyone have any clue what I can do here? Can any HiveOS devs can chime in?

I (and a lot of others) have the same problem. If I upgrade past 0.6-203 my 5700xt rigs constantly reboot. Would also like to know why, but for now I’m staying at the current os version.

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