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Failed to start hive systemctl status

I have a problem with hive when i try to boot form SSD.
On usb drive works just fine.
But i want to use an ssd to boot the sistem cuz i think is more relible in the long term.

Can u guys help me please.

Sorry for bad english.

So I had this same issue. I was following this doc
I would do the command and it would get this same error. Then I added a M2 drive to my mother board to try and see if it was just he ssd. But when I ran the command I forgot to add the count switch. The m2 drive booted fine. So I realized I forgot the count switch and tried it again on the SSD and it booted fine. I used the same usb drive Running 0.6-210@211010 So try doing the dd command without the count command and see if it then works.

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