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Failed to send pre message 261 ret is 0 AMG GPU

Hi i cant make this hive os run on my rig. I have 6 GPU AMD rx580 then this error appears during installation

Can anyone help.

Hi, I’m certainly not special, but maybe you need to change the number of AMD rx580 GPUs?

Hmmm, what is that mean change number of AMD rx580 GPUs?. Thanks for the reply… Can explain a little plz.

This setup for Windows10 is working fine, but when I flashed to Hive OS the error above screenshot appears. Anyone?

To be honest, for the first time I see, I’ll try to search for something on the Internet

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I do search also, but no luck… I tried to plug the 2 gpus in the integrated slots of my MOBA then it works just fine. But whenever I add a another gpu to the PCIE riser it wont and this error message in the screenshot appears.

Were you able to find a solution for this? I’m getting something similar:

I only have one Vega 56 on my rig.