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Failed to read rom - ERROR: 0FL01(Sapphire RX 580 8GB Pulse only 20 MH/s)

Hello, this is my first post here.
I recently got an RX 580 Pulse from Sapphire.
It has Dual Bios - BIOS1 does not work (no image), BIOS2 does work BUT:

BIOS2 is a MSI BIOS (and not Sapphire like its supposed to be)
I guess that could be the reason the hash rate is so low

Anyway, I would like to flash the original Sapphire Pulse Micron BIOS to the card. I tried both Windows (amdvbflash / atiflash) and HiveOS for flashing, but both showed the same error:

Failed to read ROM

BTW: In Windows I get 25MH/s, its only 15 MH/S when using HiveOS
OC: 1350 Core 2100 Memory

Any ideas why I get this error and how to fix this issue?

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