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Failed to login mining pool, please check mining pool username

Everything went smooth and fast setting up hardware but have been stuck for hours staring at constant recycling error.
Failed to login mining pool, please check mining pool username.

Google doesn’t bring up anything specific enough to help my case. A similar topic “Pool login failed invalid user provided” was the closest I got to a solution but I want to try hiveON first and I don’t see a way to register on that pool and think it would be automatic anyway if you are using hiveOS to mine on hiveON. I first tried doing my public key as my address, then I tried doing “username.workername” as my “address” that doesn’t work either.

I’m so dumb, so I made a “bitcoin” wallet and thought it was Eth, trying to mine Eth on HiveON/Ethermine and so if anyone ever sees that error, there you go lol

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