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Failed RX 5700 XT Flashing


I recently flashed a Rx 5700 XT Mech, I have done basically the same thing as everyone do to flash their cards. I changed the VRAM timings by doing copy and paste in Red Bios editor. I copied the line for 1550 MHz and pasted it to others values that are superior to 1550 MHz. I have done it for the 2 memory types. I have not made the mistake of copying the same line of 1550 MHz of the first memory type to the second memory type. My flashing was “succesfull” hovewer my card was not detected on HiveOs anymore. I flashed it again with the previous bios and it works again, but I would like to start flashing my 5700 XT and I have no idea to know where the problem is coming from.

(I downloaded bios from HiveOs and Uploaded it from HiveOs too, I was not using the CMD to do it but I done it remotly using my personnal computer)

Any ideas or tips ?

Thank you all for you’re response !

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