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Failed kernel and Loading AMD drivers

Im new till GPU mining and got my first rig last week.
But im having trouble getting it to work.
When starting im seeing kernel problem. Dont know how much of problem that is tho.
Then it gets “stuck” at loading AMD drivers. Nothing more happens and i cant do anything.
But the rig is visible in hive os.
Without any cards in the rig that problem disapears and i could then put in my information.
And when trying to get it hashing it starts but cards gets to 170+ watts and gets hot and it stops hashing.
Using AMD Rx580 8gb with samsung memory

try plugging in the display into the GPU instead.

have you tried setting conservative clocks/voltages if its using more power than you want it to?

Okej will give that a try.

Yes i tried several settings and checked the aggressive undervolt but no difference.

Did you set voltages and core clocks? Did you lower them when it was running hot?

Yes tried all sort of settings and no difference

Tried to plug into gpu but got no image and no difference in Hive.

If i put gpus in my gaming rig Im getting image