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External input to shut down system

This may seem like an odd one. Can HiveOS take in an input, like a serial command, or a message over TCP/IP with a command to shut down the miner?

The reason for this, is I’m going to be running the mining rig on batteries, charged by solar power. I’ll build a controller to interface with the battery level, and can send a message to HiveOS in whatever form required to let it know batteries are low and time to shut down. I’d rather do this than just cut the power.
Why am I doing this? well, its cost saving… Electic in the UK will be 28p per kwh in April, and likely to keep rising, costing around £750 a month. The miners are using 3.5kw. Going to get a larger solar array installed with batteries in excess of 50kwh. So during the summer I should be able to run 24 hours a day with no power from the grid. The winter will be pants, so will need to decide to take power from the grid or shut down. Its still making profit right now, but I’d rather keep the rigs going even if the energy prices rise further.

Easiest solution would be a ups system that communicates when power is lost to trigger a soft shutdown. Alternatively I’m sure a basic Arduino would be all you’d need to trigger a power putting press.

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Thanks. Yes that makes sense. Sometimes the easier solutions get over looked. Creating something to effectivly hold the power button for a number of seconds to shut things off. Then a short press to turn back on again. Adrino type board would be perfect.

As for the UPS comminucation to perform a soft shutdown, are you saying there is a feature in HiveOS to support UPS comminucations?


Find one that’s Linux compatible and you’ll be set.

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