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Expected ETH earnings dropped

Hi, I’m new to mining (my first 6 days now), mining ETH hiveon on phoenix miner.
My rig was mining above 0.01ETH per day during the week, now on Saturday expected daily has dropped to 0.008-0.009. All settings and hash rates have not changed.
Is it normal to have lower over the weekend, or maybe I have to be worried?
Is there a solution that you can suggest?

Mining is not a steady job… there is something called network difficulty - since ETH is valuable, more and more people are starting to mine it… As a result - difficulty is rising:

That means - with same hash rate you can expect lower income. Nothing to worry about, just the way things work.

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Thanks for reply.
Maybe you can comment on this - I started running with 5 x RX580 and 1 x RTX2070 - mix of AMD and NVIDIA Gpus. I read that HiveOS supports mixed rigs, yet decided to unplug 2070 for some time. Of corse hash rate fell, yet to my surprise share amount stayed on the same level (even tends to peak higher) - I’m perplexed, is it pure coincidence or putting them together tends to have a sacrificial overall effect. At the end of the day we get paid for shares, not hash rates.

I started writing basics about shares, pool payment schemes, pool’s luck, … then decided to Google it and this is what looks like a good read:

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