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Expected earnings /day to low

Hello Community,

i just changed to hive os with my mini farm, but the expected earnings are just too low.

According to the indicator im about 20 USD per day. Hashrate is about 330. Also the kredit per day is not about what whattomine say.

At windows on awesome miner and binance pool, it works perfectly fine.

Whats wrong with it?

Thanks 4 help

i am getting also less than whattomine, and a friend of mine told me on ethermine he gets the same as whattomine. i guess its the hive pool.

Thanks 4 ur answer. Im quite unsure. Meanwhile it changed …

Maybe hiveon does not actualise the rate to often?? I dont know.

I will check from now on what i get per day from the pool in ether.

I have to use an excel because there is no list displayed concerning the kredit per day oh hive on…

So ist art the list today …
07.08.2021 10:59 Kredit Account 0,0373
and so on

Concerning what to mine i should get between 0.008 and 0.0082

So concerning the ether per day, it seems to be finde fine?


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