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%EWAL% which address

I have created my first wallet using the template. The %EWAL% variable is something I am uncertain about. I filled in my Ethereum wallet address from my jaxx wallet. Am I right or wrong? Not registering any balance at the top of my hive screen or in my jaxx wallet after 15 hours of registering a hashrate. My wallet is Ethereum and I am using Claymore dual. Thoughts?

Correct. Just put your Jaxx ETH wallet address in %EWAL%.

Balance on top of the Hive dashboard screen is what you have to top-up to be able to use HiveOS on more than 3 rigs.

Balance in Jaxx wallet - depends how often have you setup payout on the pool where you mine. Depending on how many rigs you have, payouts will be more often or not :confused: For instance, one rig with 6 cards that runs at 190 MHs can mine about 0.4 ETH monthly.

Would I go to my account to set up the payout?

Yes, you can do that in your account on the pool of your choice (

Thank you, greatly appreciated!