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EVGA Won’t run unless it’s alone

Hi everyone,

This is my first time here so i apologize in advance if someone had this issue already.
I got 2 new evga rtx 3070’s to add to my rig. Current rig is:
Mobo asus z-390p
2 MSI 3070
1 MSI 3060 ti
1 2070 super

However what’s happening is that when I plugged the 2 new cards in the rig, the rig wouldn’t boot up. After swapping risers, then swapping the slots on the mobo, nothing would work. I then removed every card from the mobo and just left the 2 new cards, still a no go, I left 1 of the new cards on the mobo and still and no go. I then plugged in my monitor and it bingo it booted up hiveOS AND started working . I did the same thing with the next evga and it too was working. So now I verified both cards are working individually but they don’t like to work with other cards plugged into the mobo. Since I don’t have 2 monitors I can’t figure out if both of them need to be plugged to a monitor in order for them to allow the hiveOS to boot up.
even if I plug the monitor to only one of the evga, leave the other evga off, and plug in my 4 original cards, the evga won’t allow boot up. I ordered hdmi emulators to see if that works.

Does anyone have ideas how to fix this ?

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