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EVGA RTX 3090 XC Ultra only getting 107 MH/s

I have been moving the over clock settings and nothing makes it change from 107 MH/s. Any clues?

I have the RTX 3090 ROG Strix OC - nothing i tried in Hive for OC got me above 107 MH/s… Moved it back to windows and Lolminer with MSI Afterburner and steady at 122 MH/s till the cows come home… memory temp bounces between 106-108 with a whole bunch of ghetto network switch rack brackets and any other L Shaped dissipating metal i could find sitting on top to catch the air from a room fan blowing on it. MSI AB settings for me are - PL 90 TL 81 Core Clock set to a curve I found from a youtube video- with a lock at 1200 MHz MC +1400 Fan Speed 100 - this video - you will need to crank the crap out of your volume, or headphones

very interesting …i am getting 110 MH/s with a bunch of fans and i am getting some heatsink to see if it is related to temperature

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