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EVGA RTX 3080 Ti FTW3 ULTRA OC Help (invalid shares)


I’ve been trying some configs on my gpu mining RVN.
Its been mining stable 59 Mh/s and it didn’t stopped, what concerns me is the invalid shares on HiveOS.
I don’t want to damage my GPU with a stupid OC and since I’m still learning and don’t find a lot of miners using this gpu on HiveOS.

I’m doing 12000 shares per 24 hours with stable 319 w.
I really need some help as what should be a safe/stable oc with my gpu.

I wanted to share 3 screenshots, but im a new user i cant :frowning:

I’m doing dally tests to tune my gpu, I’ve got nothing on the core, on the memory 2200 and the power limit on 320w.
I’m averaging 59Mhs mining RVN with 188kH/w effectiveness, what do you guys think?

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