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EVGA RTX 3070 TI FTW3 ULTRA settings and miner?

I cannot find anything specific or consistent settings for this card. There is nothing on the box or from the manufacture website that says its LHR either. I was wondering if anyone had successful settings for this card. I’m looking specifically for non-modded bios settings. And which miner you are using.

Since there’s no full hashrate version, there isn’t a lhr version either. All 3070ti are eth limited. Trex has the best unlock at the moment around 75%. Your settings look good tho.

currently using lolminer. it fluctuates horribly on trex. I was able to get 58-59 on gminer with 930 core and 2300 mem clock but then it just bottomed out to the high 40’s.

Just switched to trex. Only been 5min. We’ll see if it holds

That didn’t take long. 5 min later, drops right out.

You have to let it finish tuning…

how long does that take?

Open the miner and see. It will continue reducing the unlock percentage everytime the hashrate limiter kicks in

From all the fluctuating, the pool is reporting a steady 49.294MH/s even though hiveos shows 57-58 on average. I’ll have to look into turning off the auto tune and manually locking in a setting.

That’s normal and how poolside hashrates will be as they’re calculated by solved shares over x amount of time. You’re not going to have a steady poolside hashrate with a single card. Look at the average on the pool as that’s all that matters in this case.

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