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EVGA 3090 XC3 Power Limit

I noticed that Im not able to set the Power Limit for the EVGA 3090 XC3 but it works when Im in windows with afterburner.

I saw a couple posts about MSI also having the same issue.

Is there a solution to this issue? Has it been determined if its a Hiveos linux issue, GPU Bios issue or something else?

What other Manuf cards has anyone had issues with for power levels?

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I got the same problem. I was wondering if someone let me know the solution.

I am having same issue with my evga 3090 xc3 stuck at 114m max in Hive os, can get 125 in win10 no problem. The issue does seem to be the Vbios from what I have seen from other posts. In windows I have to set PL to 102 to get the 120+ , since linux is watts, no matter what pl in watts I set it still stuck at pl100 in hive os. Dont really want to flash the vbios for this, is there any way to manually set the actual pl in hiveos? not just watts.

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