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Evga 3080 FTW3 Hybrid kit

Does anyone here mine with the Hybrid kit on the 3080 Ultra? And how is pump controlled on HiveOs, or is it something id be doing manually?


I don’t think there is a pump controller on HIVEOS, but i could be wrong since I have never installed a hybrid card on my miner rig. I do know there is a fan controller for the cards that I have which works great. I’m also having a slight issue with my miner hopefully someone can help me out too.

Fan controller external of hiveOs? For rig fans or GPU fans?

the fan controller option can be adjusted by each card, or auto fan configuration. for the rig fans, i don’t think there is a controller. all my external fans are powered by motherboard and they all run at max speed.

Ya, im aware of the gpu fan options on Hive, just not sure how a hybrid cooler would be controlled.

yea, sorry man. I mean from the interface of HIVEOS, it looks like there is nothing to control that that hybrid cooler, unless you install an external fan controller and plug it to that controller and that controll routes back to your motherboard. you can control the hybrid cooler manually. I use to have a controller that control my case fan speeds.

Im just throwing random ideas to you. Goodluck man.

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