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EVGA 3060Ti FTW3 30MH w/OC's

New out of the box, I’ve not touched anything, straight to rig. Using same OC’s as I use on other 3060Ti’s but those are Nvidia FE’s. Am I missing something on OC? Do I need to touch this card somehow to get 60MH? Since this has 2 8-pin power inputs I set pwer to 175.

the evga card is LHR?

Unless they recently did that change, I’ve read this model previously was getting 60+ MH, but those reports are earlier in the year. Do you think this something EVGA will tell you if you ask? Are they doing LHR to 3060Ti’s?

You are right, I have not been paying attention to those things as all my previous purchases were FE’s. Is there anything that can be done?

Here’s the description:

Item#: N82E16814487546

EVGA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti FTW ULTRA GAMING Video Card, 08G-P5-3667-KL, 8GB GDDR6, iCX3 Cooling, ARGB LED, LHR

I’m reading I can mine RVN or something else with a LHR limited card, is this true? It seems power consumption may be higher though.

Just a side note, I had put this card on my rig yesterday, it ran stable for awhile, then it was up and down all night, so it seems the LHR is more than just a hashrate limiter.

Also, sorry for not being up to speed on the state of card releases, I had heard of LHR but hadn’t added to my card pre-purchase live and learn.

Try MiniZ you can mine ETH just fine with the right settings.

It seems that KL is LHR for EVGA
Seb tested 3070 NON lhr vs 3070 lhr, and on this model raven is not affected. It seems that ERGO is affected, according to his tests.
But my 3070TI (and all 3070ti are lhr) is not affected

you can mine ETH at full speed with LHR card? with MiniZ? I doubt that

It’s partially unlocked, I get 35+ with the 3060 v2

Thanks guys, I’m going to test this all out and expect another great learning experience in mining.

I researched, it looks like the miniZ guys are trying to do something

Some people is getting 42-43 with your card.

I’m going to try MiniZ first, will report results back here (as I’d need to setup another RVN rig as that one is AMD

I switched to MiniZ, I’ve not added LHR card, but I can see right away that MiniZ with same OC’s for the other 3060Ti’s already on rig are only hashing at 45/46MH, that’s down from ~61MH with gminer.

I’m trying user config to set Device 5 (LHR card) to mine RVN, will report back stability after it runs for awhile, currently MH is same as it was before 30MH so I"m not sure if it’s mining RVN or not, I guess I’ll know when it hit wallet.


Well, that didn’t work, card 5 just stopped mining at all.

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