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EVGA 3060Ti FTW 3 Ultra Invalid Shares

Hello I have problems with both of my Evga cards.

I can set what I want, I always get invalid shares.

I have already installed new risers (009S), no improvement.

Does anyone have an idea?

Best regards!

I have 3 Gygabyte cards for every i need different settings to avoid invalid shares.

Try these settings.

I have played with these cards for a while.
Core clock always should be down to minimum. You just need to play with memory and power limit.

And try to keep temperature down as much as possible. From my experience over 59/60 degrees it starts to work unstable and gets more invalid shares.

These settings i have for other card.

Okay but i get also Invalid shares! :frowning:

Whitch settings?

Mhhh thats the New Settings…

Try to increase power limit. I cant believe EVGA can be that hungry for power.

Like 130W ? From 125 to 130W?

Yes. Go ahead 5 by 5… Try it. I dont have EVGA card, but i know my Gygabyte, One is fine with 125, other one neeed 135

I will test, thanks

Make sure you have good risers. They also may do bad things.

They are new 009S.

Today built in! :wink:

Uploading: image.png…

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