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Evga 1660s

Всем привет!
Подскажите. Приобрел еще 1 карту EVGA 1660S (уже третья) и почему то какой бы я разгон не делал у карты меньший хешрейт (GPU2). При старте он примерно равен, но через минуту начинает снижаться и падает до 28. В чем может быть проблема? Разер менял, на другой бп подкидывал, в другой порт вставлял. На Windows при этом все нормально 31 хеш, ничего не скачет.

Hello everyone
Tell me. I bought 1 more EVGA 1660S card (already the third) and for some reason, no matter what overclocking I do, the card has a smaller hashrate(GPU2). At the start, it is approximately equal, but after a minute it begins to decline and falls to 28. What could be the problem? Rather, I changed it, threw it on another PSU, inserted it into another port. On Windows, everything is fine at the same time, the hash is 31, nothing jumps.

May be throttling because of lack of W of too much heat

I can’t attach pictures, since I just registered. Overclocking is like this: Overclocking is the same
for everyone MEM-1004
PL75 but if you raise PL80 and 85 the same thing happens but the temperatures are already much higher

Try these settings

I have a card that wants more power and the temperature difference is about 2-3 degrees.

Yes, I tried to play with pl, the results were different. At 90, the hashrate held for 31.8-15-20 minutes, but then it fell again. I handed it over to the store, they will send it to the manufacturer for tests, and maybe they will replace it or return the money.

I tried to drive this card on Windows FurMark. after 40 minutes, the GPU frequency began to jump from 1530 to 1430, then it was already turned off, but perhaps it would have sunk even more further.

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