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Evga 1080 ti - enlargement pill - only 46-47 mh

i am using an evga 1080 ti ftw3 … i enable pill speed goes to 44 mh
I do pill + OC 125 900 210 i get a stable 46 … i have hive installed on a USB ,i dont use windows .
I seen people over the internet get 54 mh with 1080 ti … can someone tell me a better setting then the one i already use ?

150 600 210 i get 47.40 mh i use ethminer

All that you have identified on the Internet is outdated information. With the growth of the DAG file, GPUs on Pascal architecture (GTX 1000 series) losing hashrate.
Hashrate will continue to drop slightly.

Here is official answer from Nvidia’s engineers (here is discuss about it on Nvidia’s developers forum):

We’ve confirmed that the performance drop is due to the size of the DAG exceeding the total on-chip TLB capacity on the Pascal GPU. As a result, there is an increased number of TLB misses, which affects performance. Because the TLB is a fixed capacity hardware resource, and the ETH algorithm accesses the DAG randomly, we don’t believe there are any software optimizations that could reduce the TLB miss rate.
In the Volta generation, TLB coverage was increased by 4x, and large DAG sizes (up to ~8GB, which won’t be reached for many years) will still fit in the on-chip TLB. So these newer GPUs (Volta and beyond) will show much less performance sensitivity due to DAG size.

You can see old values like 54-55 MH/s on blockchains with small DAG e.g. ETC, ZIL