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Every time I switch flight sheets, it has to re-download the miner. Why?

Hi All,

As the title asks, why is it every time I switch flight sheets HiveOS has to re-download the miner that is to be used? Even if I activate a previously used flight sheet the miner(s) have to be re-downloaded. Have I messed a setting to save all downloaded miners? Is it that I primarily use 'Latest" in my flight sheets?


Is your worker all up to date? It shouldn’t need to redownload anything.

It is upto date, or at least I think it is. I’m running 0.6-225@240219.

if you switch back and forth between 2 miners it will redownload each time?

Yes, each time. I can’t figure out why.

The rig is running off of a 64GB usb drive, so it has plenty of space to store everything.

Try reflashing, maybe something got messed up with your current install. You can run hive-replace -s -y or hive-replace --beta -y in the shell to do so, once ran just leave alone until it reboot on its own