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Ethminer wallet settings

my old wallet settings doesn’t work with 0.15 version.
can you teach me, new sttings?


Post your old settings here

This settings works with 0.14 versions now.

But if i use 0.15 it doesn’t work.

0.15 - version for tests - by developers and beta-testers so may contains bugs
It’s seems in latest release ethminer build has problem with JSON parsing

–report-hashrate - don’t write because it’s made by HIveOS config generator and also can be source of error in 0.15

am using and when I log on to my rig I am seeing signs that I am mining. Also on my HiveOS Dashboard I have 8 cards running and all are hashing with no reported failures. The problem seems to be that I am not transferring any eth to my wallet. my settings are as follows:

Name: %MyWalletName%

%EWAL%: %MyWalletString%.%MinerName%

[ETH miner] selected.

[Nvidia (CUDA)] selected.

Wallet and worker template: %MyWalletString%.%MinerName%

Pool server:Stratum+tcp12:// Port: 3333 Pass:

Extra arguments for miner: --cuda-devices 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
–farm-recheck 2000

Version: Latest

These settings are repeated in the tuning section. Am I doing something wrong or after 3 days hashing at 142 M/hs have I not mined enough to show up yet???

%EWAL%: 0xcb4ed83c0c544d4c88a1561a056fe9a42fcae7be
Wallet and worker template: %EWAL%.%WORKER_NAME%
Pool server:
Port: 8001
Password: x
Extra arguments for miner: --stratum-protocol 1

This pool setting was working before v 0.14
But it s not working anymore. Here is the error:

this pool works with Claymore dual. But i want to use eth miner.

stratum The choices are:
0: official stratum spec: ethpool, ethermine, coinotron, mph, nanopool (default)
1: eth-proxy compatible: dwarfpool, f2pool, nanopool (required for hashrate reporting to work with nanopool)
2: EthereumStratum/1.0.0: nicehash
tcp Selects the TCP mode (ssl,tcp, or tls). tls choices are:
0: Force TLS1.2 (default)
1: Allow any TLS version
2: Allow self-signed or invalid certs and any TLS version

for stratum use one of the following schemes:
stratum+ssl stratum+tcp stratum+tls stratum+tls12 stratum1+ssl stratum1+tcp stratum1+tls stratum1+tls12 stratum2+ssl stratum2+tcp stratum2+tls stratum2+tls12
Example: stratum+ssl://[email protected]:5555