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Ethernet port only works about 10% of time on boot - Any ideas?


TLDR: Is there a way to possibly load ethernet drivers once HiveOS is booted?

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a brand new ASUS Prime Z490-A Motherboard.

It seems that I can only get the hardwired ethernet port to work (status lights and all) about 1 out of every 10 boots. The ports are lit if the motherboard is powered off. The lights end up going dark in the middle of HiveOS boot, and stay off. Then HiveOS cannot connect to the internet.

If I keep rebooting eventually they will stay on and everything is good. I have run it over a week straight with no issue. But - adding a card, changing to a larger PSU and a couple of other times I have had to turn it off, I go through the same trouble again and takes me on average 30 mins to get everything stated again.

Bigger issue would be if I were not at home and some reason needed to reboot the system remotely, I would only be able to turn it off but on reboot I would not have access to it - nor would it be able to start mining. I have tried shutting down and rebooting through the website, and still have the issue.

At first I read that possibly booting off of a USB drive could cause this issue. USB was my first install, so I decided to give an SSD a shot. I re-downloaded the newest HiveOS release and put it on my SSD.

I am still having the same problems.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

I have this same issue except it takes a lot more then 10 restarts. Any luck getting this to be more reliable?

I have the same problem with my ASUS Tuf Gaming X570-Pro (Wifi). The only workaround I’ve seen (and use regularly) is to unplug the network cable for 15-20 seconds during HiveOS boot and then plug it in before the screen comes up. Would love to know why this happens as everything appears normal if you don’t unplug the cable until about 10 seconds into the boot when the light goes off, comes back on for a second and then goes back off permanently.

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